New & Improved Digital Services at NorState FCU

Your credit score and credit report are waiting for you!

Get instant access to your credit score, credit report, credit monitoring, personalized money-saving offers, and financial education tips on how to improve your score or maintain an already great score. Credit NOW is a free service available to you through online and mobile banking, you can get started today! It's built right into our easy-to-use online banking platform, so you don't need a new login. 

Benefits of checking your score today include the ability to:

  • Receive daily credit monitoring with alerts for major changes,
  • Identify and easily dispute credit bureau errors,
  • Understand the factors that impact your score, and
  • Work toward your financial goals!

Explore the features of our new digital banking!

NorState FCU is taking digital banking to the next level by providing our members with feature enhancements designed to deliver a quick, seamless, and more intuitive experience than ever before. 

Some of the new features include:

  • The ability to open new accounts and apply for loans online
  • Personal financial management and budgeting tools
  • Savings goals
  • Quick access to accounts and balances
  • Mobile e-statements
  • The ability to monitor outside accounts
  • User to user and account to account transfers
  • FICO credit score for users with a current loan
  • Enhanced business services
  • So much more!


To get started you will need to make sure you visit your app store to download our updated app. The video below will show you the steps to take in order to login and reset your password.


 Need further assistance? We've put together a few Frequently Asked Questions that may help!

  • Can I use the same username & password?
    • Yes you can. Your current username is still valid on the new system. You can also use the same password if it meets the systems requirements.
  • What's going to be different?
    • The biggest and best difference is that most everything you can do on the online platform can now be done on the mobile site, providing a seamless banking experience so you can easily manage your money from a single device. Our new system also offers a suite of user-friendly tools for doing everything from everyday banking to achieving long-term financial goals. 
  • Will the previous app stop working after the go-live?
    • For Android users, yes. For Apple users the previous application will be updated with the new application. 
  • Will my account look the same when I log in?
    • All of your current account information will transfer over securely to the new system. Once you long in, you'll immediately notice a change to the dashboard layout which gives you a convenient, snapshot view of your accounts. And you can easily rearrange the dashboard according to your preferences.
  • Can I customize transaction categories?
    •  The main transaction category cannot be changed; however, you will be able to customize sub-categories when using a desktop computer or tablet.
  • Are transfers in the Transfer widget immediate?
    • Account to account, account to loan, and user to user are immediate.
  • How far back can I search my transactions on an account?
    • Up to 18 months of transactions will be available.
  • I had a recurring transfer set up in the old platform, do I need to set this up again in the new system?
    • No, any recurring transfers will be converted to the new digital banking platform. If you notice that something is not transferring correctly, please let us know! If you need to make modifications (edit or delete) to your recurring transfers after the conversion, you can use Transfer widget, under the Scheduled tab.
  • Will my Bill Pay information carry over to the new digital banking platform?
    • Yes! All your current payee/payment information will carry over. Please review your bill pay settings, just to be sure everything is correct.
  • How often will my FICO score be updated?
    • Quarterly.
  • Will I be able to set up account alerts?
    • Yes, alerts can now be sent via mobile SMS, email or push notification to the application on a mobile device. Navigate to Settings and under the Notification tab you will be able to set up your alert preferences.
  • What does the Quick Apply widget do?
    • Quick Apply allows you to add a share to the account. These shares include: Money Market, Club Accounts, Certificate Accounts, and a Checking if you currently do not have one on your account. You are also able to apply for all consumer loans using this widget. 

If you have any questions, please feel to call us at 1-800-804-7555.

Download the NorState FCU Mobile App

**Android users who do not see the NorState FCU app in the store, please visit and you should be able to search and find the NorState FCU app through this direct link.

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