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Become healthy lifetime savers 

NorState FCU Family Tree

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Youth Accounts

NorState welcomes you to become healthy lifetime savers … with the Family TREE.


Acorn TREE Savers (0-4 years old) 


Welcome to the family TREE! Just like Acorn, you are a seedling on your way to growing and saving. Healthy financial habits start at a young age, and NorState’s Family TREE is here to nurture that growth.

NorState FCU Acorn Youth Saver Advantages:

  • Only $5 to Open account
  • $25 Minimum balance required thereafter
  • Dividends paid monthly, after minimum balance is reached
  • No fees
  • Sign up for E-Statements
  • Online banking available for joint account holder


Dogwood TREE Savers (5-12 years old) 


Welcome to the family TREE! The Dogwood Youth Account is designed to assist parents and/or guardians in fostering youth about financial and money skills and to encourage youth members to learn how to save and share. If you were an Acorn Saver before, you will be automatically signed up for the next stage of savings.

NorState FCU Dogwood Youth Saver Advantages:


  • $25 minimum balance
  • Dividends paid monthly
  • Free online link to M3 Money Club, Fun & Games for youth 12 & under
  • No fees
  • Sign up for E-Statements
  • Online banking available for joint account holder

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Spruce TREE Savers (13-17 years old) 

Welcome to the family TREE! The Spruce Teen Savers Account is designed for members 13 through spruce17 years of age. It’s a journey to become financially fit for a future of successful finance.  Dogwood savers are automatically enrolled into the Spruce Club and we will continue to help you grow towards financial independence.

NorState FCU Spruce Teen Saver Advantages:

  • Dividends paid monthly
  • $25 minimum balance required
  • Free online link to Elements of Money Fun & Games for 13-17 year olds
  • Share/IRA Certificates ($1000 minimum balance)
  • Wealth Builder Certificate (build up certificate)
  • Visa Credit Card available ($250 credit limit with co-signer)
  • 24/7 Online  or Mobile Banking (access your account online at
  • Debit Card, 24/7 Online Services, Education Savings Account, Student Loans and more 
  • Spruce Savers have the opportunity to attend the Annual Aroostook Chapter of Credit Union’s Financial Fitness Fair at Loring Job Corp their Junior year in high school. This year's fair will be held April 28, 2020! Ask your guidance counselor or credit union for details.

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Online Financial Fitness Courses

Student Course Login log in
Foolproof website, click the Login button and under Foolproof for High Schools, click on the Student login "First time here ?" Enter one of these class codes
Class Codes
High School Juniors: 10456
High School Seniors: 10458
Once logged in, you will see the following info: Teacher D. Duperre High School: NorState FCU
Complete the Account information and Register (next time you'll just need to log in with your username and password.)       


Aroostook chapter logo

An online version of a Financial Fitness Fair...A Money Management Experience for Teens

FINANCIAL FITNESS FAIR   log in        User Name: ARSTK

NorState FCU is pleased to be a member of the Aroostook Chapter of Credit Unions and a supporting sponsor of the Chapter's Financial Fitness Fair Scholarship. One student who attends the Financial Fitness Fair (April 28, 2020 at Loring Job Corp) will be awarded a $1,000 Scholarship, and in order to be eligible for consideration must:

  1. Attend the Financial Fitness Fair organized by the Aroostook Chapter of Credit Unions (contact us or your high school guidance department for details)
  2. Plan to enroll in a 2-year or 4-year college or university
  3. Must be a credit union member or have a parent/ guardian that is a member of an Aroostook credit union.
  4. Complete application and submit before June 30, 2020.

Junior Class Scholarship Application   print application       

 For a sneak peak at what to look forward too at this year's Financial Fitness Fair, view the video below!


free4ME Account (18-25 years old) Young & Free Maine

We have something for you that banks don't, including the free4ME Account -                       the ultimate account for the 18-25 crowd.

  • Two OPPS* reimbursed per year
  • $10.00 Gift Card for NEW account holders
  • Customized Free4ME Visa Debit Card
  • All the tech and access you need
  • Tips & Tricks that give you a head start, by being a NorState free4ME member!
  • For great financial resources visit the Maine's Credit Unions Financial Literacy Blog!


An online version of a Financial Fitness Fair...A Money Management Experience for Teens.
Click on this link -
User Name for NorState FCU:
To access, you must then select a career. Your CU's logo will appear as the sponsor. 

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